Maxime Engel Audio

Sound Designer


Elypse est un jeu développé par une équipe d’étudiant sur lequel j’ai travaillé sur le son et la bande musicale. Il sera présenté lors d’une annexe de la Paris Games Week, aux Jeux Made in France. Une demo sera disponible dans très peu de temps.

Mondrian : Plastic Reality

Stage chez Lantana Games en Sound Design et musique.

Mondrian : Plastic Reality est un jeu d’arcade de type « Casse-brique ». Travail intégral sur le sound design et la musique du jeu.


OptiRun is an Endless runner game inspired by “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfer” gameplay.The game is in a low poly style like “Unrailed” or “Yland” artistic direction

Steam Arena

Steam Arena is a Arena first person shooter, you will fight many waves of robots in a closed industry.

The game may crash when clicking play button. It’s a known bug that we currently are trying to fix. You can retry, it may play smoothly. The bug only occurs on clicking the play button.

Made by  20 student of E-artsup Montpellier and 2 student from Audio workshop during 4 month .

Dwarfen Ale

It’s Dwarftoberfest! Each year, every Master Brewer await for this famous event to show the world that their beer is the best of the best.

Every day of the festival, manage your tavern by achieving quick time events to make good beers, serve it to the dwarfs and put up with their reactions.

Controls a dwarf master brewer who wants to prove himself . Serve beers and interact with the dwarfs !


<iframe src="" height="167" width="552" frameborder="0"><a href="">Nour by Hopelight Studio</a></iframe>

Made during Global Game Jam 2020 as part of team « La Famiz« . I was in charge of sound design, music, overall storytelling, and some scripting. We all collaborated on the game design.